Morphometric Graphs for White Shark Carcharodon carcharias based on combination of data bases by LJVC and HFM (n = 214 comprising 98 males (filled squares), 112 females (open circles), 5 sex unknown, and 1 female with two sets of fin morphometrics)

Most morphometrics are graphed against total length because it was available for all specimens. It would be better to use fork length or precaudal length because total length is an ambigous measurement i.e. it can be measured with the caudal fin in the natural position (TL) or with the caudal fin in a depressed/stretched position (TOT) and it is often not stated what was used.
Body morphometrics (more)
FL.gif FL%TL.gif PCL.gif PCL%TL.gif
Fork length FL
( or FOR)
Fork length
FL (%TL)
Precaudal length PCL
( or PRC)
Precaudal length
Fin or head morphometrics have been used to estimate total length. Such estimates are notoriously imprecise, in particular for large white sharks. The following graphs demonstrate this using first dorsal height (D1H, e.g. from a visual estimate) and mouth width (MOW, e.g. from the cut-out of a surf board). Jaw and teeth morphometrics are included here.
D1H.gif D1H%TL.gif MOW.gif MOW%TL.gif
First dorsal height D1H First dorsal height D1H (%TL) Mouth width MOW Mouth width MOW (%TL)
D1HvsPCL.gif D1H%PCL.gif MOWvsPCL.gif MOW%PCL.gif
First dorsal height D1H vs. PCL First dorsal height
D1H (% PCL) vs. PCL
Mouth width
Mouth width
MOW (% PCL) vs. PCL
DUJP.gif DUJP%TL.gif TOEH.gif TOEH%TL.gif
Dried upper jaw perimeter Dried upper jaw perimeter (%TL) Tooth enameloid height (mm) Tooth enameloid height (% TL)
Clasper morphometrics for males
CLO.gif CLO%TL.gif CLI.gif CLI%TL.gif
Outer clasper length CLO Outer clasper length

Inner clasper length CLI

Inner clasper length


Pectoral fin morphometrics
P1A.gif P1A%TL.gif P1B.gif P1B%TL.gif
Pectoral anterior margin P1A Pectoral anterior margin P1A (%TL)

Pectoral base P1B

Pectoral base P1B (%TL)

Caudal fin morphometrics
CDM.gif CDM%TL.gif CPV.gif CPV%TL.gif

Caudal dorsal margin


Caudal dorsal margin


Caudal preventral margin CPV

Caudal preventral margin CPV(%TL)


Mass morphometrics
Mass.gif MassCF.gif Mass2.gif MassCF2.gif

Mass M

Condition factor M/TL3

Mass M (Super Data Set)

Condition factor M/TL3 (Super Data Set)

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