Sandtiger Shark Carcharias taurus (Rafinesque, 1810) in Captivity.
Aka Gray Nurse Shark in Australia,
Spotted Ragged-Tooth Shark in South Africa.

Photograph Aquarium and Details TL (m)
M (kg)
Sex Time in captivity
  uShaka Marine World, Durban South Africa
A Sand Tiger was kept for 17 years (1968 - 1981). Her mother died in the Shark nets and after a cesarean, she was 'born' and transferred to the aquarium. She unfortunately died in 1981. One of our current Sand Tiger was born here in 1998.
Paul Lotter Assistant Curator
    17 yr
  Baltimore National Aquarium
In 1982 Doug Allen transported a 3' foot long female Sand Tiger from Montauk, Long Island to Baltimore, Maryland in a pale blue Ford Econoline stretch van. She rode in a transport box and was promptly christened CT 82-7. She was still alive and in fine shape when I left Baltimore in 1997. If she is still around that would give her 25 years.
Six Flags Worlds of Adventure Aurora, Ohio.
Female was captured as a pup in June 1999 and was about 1.8 m TL in Sept 2001
1.8 F ~ 3 y
  New York Aquarium Update from Peter Mohan in 2008:
NEW YORK (WABC) -- The New York Aquarium is mourning the loss of a 43-year-old sand tiger shark named Bertha. Aquarium Director Jon Forrest Dohlin says Bertha "was a great animal and a symbol for the plight of all sharks in the wild." He also remembers her as "a beloved resident of Coney Island." The facility, which is run by the Wildlife Conservation Society, says Bertha may have been the longest living sand tiger shark in an aquarium. It says the average lifespan of the species is not actually known. Bertha was about 7 feet long and 270 pounds. She was brought to the New York Aquarium in 1965 by a local fisherman.
Photograph Aquarium and Details TL (m)
M (kg)
Sex Time in captivity

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