Summary of Large Tiger Sharks Galeocerdo cuvier
(Peron & LeSueur, 1822)

Compagno 1984 (FAO Species Catalogue Vol. 4, part 2 p. 503): Maximum size reputed to be about 9.1 m, but this cannot be confirmed. Most tiger sharks are smaller than 5 m, with only a few large females reaching over 5.5 m. Males mature between 2.3 and 2.9 m and reach at least 3.7 m. Females mature between 2.5-3.5 m and reach over 5.5 m, though most do not exceed 4.3 m. One gigantic adult femalle caught off Indo-China in 1957 was reporte as being 7.4 m and weighing 3110 kg (Fournier, 1961).

Date/Photo Reference Sex TL (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments
14 Feb 2017
Grind TV 16 Feb 2017 F 3.96     Another new record shark for us! Yesterday we caught this enormous 3.96m female #tiger #shark on our longline survey #science #marinebiology. Smukall appears in the tweeted photo, measuring the shark’s girth at 173 centimeters, or just over 68 inches. Matthew Smukall, a PhD student at the Bimini Sharklab, told GrindTV that the female shark, caught via longline gear at South Bimini, was “the largest the Sharklab has caught in nearly 40 years of longline surveys in Bimini.”
Feb or Mar 2004
Victor Lin p.c.   ~4 368   with that from a 368kg tiger shark (the length wasn`t taken but V.L. estimated it was around 13', 397cm). Was landed at Southern Bay dock, Taiwan.
Another photo compares the size of the jaws of this shark with those of the 5.24 m tiger shark below.
  AP/Mr. H.     ~500   July 16/17 2005. 1100 lbs tiger shark was caught during monster shark derby on Martha's Vineyard, MA. No price as the boat was six minutes too late in returning to Oak Bluffs harbor with its catch.
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishe     532   Caught by June Irene Turnbull off Cronulla N.S.W. Australia on 24 Mar 1963
for W-37 kg IGFA record
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     548.0   Caught by Leanne Grieves off Lake Macquiarie N.S.W. Australia on 16 Apr 1989
for W-15 IGFA record
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     591.9   Caught by Samuel Jamieson off Sydney N.S.W. Australia on 17 May 1959
for M-37 kg IGFA record
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     596.0   Caught by Mrs. Robert Dyer off Cape MOreton, Queensland Australia on 27 Jul 1953
for W-60 IGFA record
26 July 2012
Victor Lin, p.c. F ~4 600   Was caught by fishermen on July 26th, 2012 off Isigaci Island, Japan, as part of the island's "Shark Expelling Project". The shark was reported to be 4 meter long and weighed 600kg.
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     619.0   Caught by Glen Kirkwood off Swansea N.S.W Australia on 29 Sep 1990
for M-15 kg IGFA record
13 Feb 2006
Peter Fox, pers. comm. F   740   Caught in Indian ocean at Watamu. Weight recorded 740Kg, but this was after many hours of bleeding and the stomach on the ground. Fish had strangled itself on leader so was retrieved. Fish was female, gear was 130lb tackle, a first run that stripped all but a few turns of line on the reel, retrieved the line then did it again! Total fight time 1 3/4 hours, bait was whole 12 kg yellowfin on 25-0 hook. Looked like a submarine coming to the surface! Was told that it was a possible African rod/line record, but do not think records are kept for continent.
Regards, Peter Fox UK
Victor Lin p.c.   6.3 798   Found by Victor Lin on Web. Claimed to have been caught in 1922, to be 6.3 m TL and weigh 798 kg.
June 1964
IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes. Photo from Victor Lin.     807.4   Caught by Walter Maxwell off Cherry Grove South Carolina USA on 14 June 1964 for M-60 kg and all tackle IGFA record.
28 March 2004 Evan Hodder pers. comm.     810   Apparently it is a new IGFA record according to Evan Hodder. The 810 kg (1,785 lb 11 oz) tiger shark was reportedly caught on March 28, 2004 by Kevin Clapson off Ulladulla, Australia.
~June 2004     ca 5    

Victor Lin p.c.
Slant length of the largest tooth was 41.5mm and is the largest that I have ever seen.

<1948 Evan Hodder pers. comm.   4.5-5.5?    

A tiger shark from Cuba allegedly measuring 18ft was mentioned by Bigelow and Schroeder (1948) but the length seems questionable. Tortones (1950) reported around 14 ft 7in. According to Even Hoodder both accounts said the tiger shark being discussed was a pregnant female with 82 young.

Tortonese, E. (1950) Studi sui Plagiostomi, 3. La viviparita un fondamentale
carattere biologico degli squali. Arch. Zool. Ital., 35: 101-55.

June 2004
Victor Lin p.c.   5.24 1176  

Victor Lin measured this tiger shark at 524 cm.
"It was huge"!.The jaw of size 84cm x 61cm wasn't much larger than those from tigers around 600~700kg. Alleged to have been speared off Taidung province, Taiwan.

1954 Evan Hodder pers. comm.   5.5     This 18ft specimen caught in 1954 was reported by E. M. Grant in the book "Guide to Fishes" (1972).
< May 1980 Evan Hodder pers. comm.   ~5.5     This 18ft individual taken in 1980 was apparently first reported on May 16,
1980 and was claimed to measure 21ft but subsequent inquiry revealed the
shark actually measured 18ft.
? Evan Hodder pers. comm.   ~5.5     Compagno (1988) described two tiger sharks whose jaw measurements indicated a length of around 18ft. One of these sharks was reportedly caught in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. Both jaws are at the California Academy of Sciences.
  Andrew Sprott (Scotland) pers. comm.   ~5.9-6.1 via calc PCL   5.08
(16' 8")
> Henry, I have a large Tiger shark jaw which is almost 30" across by 24" high
> (not stretched).The collecting data on this shark gave it's fork length as 16'
> 8".What would it's total length have been ?
TL was calculatd via PCL (4.7 m) using formulas given in Wintner and Dudley (2000)
1957 Compagno 1984   7.4 3110  

One gigantic adult femalle caught off Indo-China in 1957 was reported as being 7.4 m and weighing 3110 kg (Fournier, 1961).

Date/Photo Reference Sex TL (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments

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