Summary of Large Shortfin Makos Isurus oxyrinchus

About 80 Specimens are sorted according to total length (TL). If only mass was available, TL was estimated from the most appropriate mass-length equation. Order according to mass would be different because shortfin mako from the western North Atlantic are on average about 15-20% heavier than those from Southern Hemisphere (Mollet et al. 2000) .
p.c. = personal communication.

* estimated from PCL or FL using equations given by Casey and Kohler (1990) and Cliff et al. (1990) .
** estimated from W (kg) = 7.658* TL^3.10 (m) for Southern Hemisphere (Stevens, 1983; converted to m); W (kg) = 7.299 TL^3.224 (m) for western North Atlantic (Mollet et al. 2000).

Photo Reference Sex TL (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments
Rogerson08.JPG Rogerson 1970     152   Caught by W. Bowden off Falmouth GB in 1967
Io_images/PS_shark MB 2005.jpg Peggy Stap p.c. Male

The shortfin mako was seen on 3 Sep 2005 at 9:20 a.m.; position 36.37570 N and 121.52596 W; water - 142 feet deep (43 m) ; water temp 15.5 Celsius; in Monterey Bay. Identified by Dave Ebert and Bob Lea from photo in first column. Photo of dorsal fin confirmed ID. Capt. Richard Ternullo [co-researcher with Peggy on killer whale project] estimated the shark to be 8 to 9 feet long.
Location is about 2.5 km off Del Monte Beach, Monterey and New Monterey/Cannery Row, Monterey. Can be considered outer Monterey Harbor. The shark was eating a harbor seal, Phoca vitulina, Family Phocidae, Order Pinnipedia. Richard, a biologist, has been a sea captain for 30 years running natural history, birding and whale watch trips. He told Peggy that in all the years on the water this was the first time he had ever seen anything like that (i.e. a mako eating a harbor seal). Thanks to Peggy Stap for information.

Io_images/Bassetal1975Plate9Io.jpg Bass et al. 1975 Male 2.53     Plate 9. Teeth of 253 cm mature male from Natal
  Cliff et al. 1990 Male 2.68* 163** 2.47* Largest of 84 males
Rogerson10.JPG Rogerson 1970     170   Caught off Mevgissey GB from the "Penare" (Skipper E. Lakeman)
  Jersey Evening Post (J. Jouault)     174   Caught off Falmouth GB by D. A. Buckland of Middlesex in week of 25 June 1960. British Record.
  Atwood 1869 Fem 2.692 178**   Taken in Aug. 1868 off Provincetown MA, USA
  Stevens 1983 Male 2.695 166**   Largest of 46 males
  Carlos Villavicencio p.c. Fem 2.70     Pregnant female with 6 term embryos (TL = 76-82 cm, 61-65 cm PCL, 4 male, 2 female) was caught on longline on 17 Feb 1999 off Punta Arena Baja California Sur, Mexico.
  John Ugoretz p.c. Male 2.74 182   Caught off Redondo Beach CA on Apr 10 1998
Io_images/2005July17No70.jpg Frank Nielsen pers. comm. July 2005 Male   195.5 2.54

Date-July 17, 2005; Location-Southern California Bight
Weight-431 Pounds; Fork Length-100 Inches
Boat-Team Ozz; Landing-PCYC, Oxnard, Ca.
Tournament-PCYC Mako Open

  Casey & Kohler 1992 Male 2.76* 193** 2.55 Largest of 1075 males
  Pratt & Casey 1983 Male 2.82* 206** 2.60 Largest of 448 males
Rogerson 1970     226
(498 1/2 lb.)
  Caught by Ken Burgers on 2 July 1966 off Looe, Cornwall GB on "Irene" (Skipper Reymonnd Pengelly). British Record 498 1/2 lb. mako. Photo of mouth.
  Bass et al. 1975 Male 2.84 195**   Largest of 10 males
  Ricky Chan p.c. Fem 3.000 233 2.735 Caught on 10 Oct 2000 10 km off Sydney, Australia. Litter of 12 near-term embryos
  Dan Jehl p.c. Fem 3.05 193   Speared by Stewart Graham , south off Coronado Island CA, as mako was charging from ~ 5 m away. (San D. Union 29 Aug. 99)
  Bass et al. 1975 Fem 3.13 263   Largest of 8 females
  Moreno & Moron 1992 Fem? 3.172 274**   Largest of 45679 makos
28 Aug 2009
Captain Tom King
28 Aug 2009
Male   283
(624 lbs)
(9' 1.5")
Record-setting male mako shark caught off Scituate. "Steve James, the president of the Boston Big Game Fishing Club, and John Chisholm, an aquatic biologist for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, were there to take official measurements of the shark.Officially, the shark weighed 624 pounds, had a 67-inch girth, and was 9 feet, 1 1/2 inches from the head to the fork of the tail."
  Duffy & Francis 2001 Fem 3.175 238 2.905 Pregnant female with 8 near-term embryos (TL = 67.2-77.0 cm) was caught on Feb. 5, 1999 off Hawke Bay, south-east North Island, New Zealand.
BobLeaMako.jpg Cailliet et al. 1983 Fem 3.21 285 3.06 Caught 5 km off Carmel Bay CA, USA on 29 June 1982 in drift net. Bob Lea p.c.
  Fowler 1936 Fem? 3.21 285**   quoted in Gubanov 1974
Mako301FLDissection.jpg Pratt et al. 1992 Fem 3.25 312.5 3.01 15 embryos (one lost at sea), 50.4-54.0 cm long. Another dissection photo.
MakoMar21_98Head.jpg James Aliberti Fem 3.25** 316.7  

Caught at 6 am on 21 Mar 1998 near Midway Atoll. Slides provided for scaning by James Aliberti, Refuge Ranger, US Fish & Wildlife Service. Dave Ebert suggested that it is I. paucus.

  Branstetter 1981 Fem 3.27** 334   18 embryos, 25-31cm TL
  Cliff et al. 1990 Fem 3.30 310** 3.05* Largest of 53 female
  Bigelow & Schroeder 1948 Fem? 3.34** 356.5 (786 lb)   Caught off Bimini, Bahamas in 1936 by E. Hemingway
ben_roesch.jpg Ben Roesch p.c. Fem 3.35 360*   Caught off Plate Cove (New Foundland) by Donald and Lou Fennell in Sept. 1998
Io_images/monster_shark_flpla102.jpg 13 or 14 Oct, 2007 F? 3.35
(844.4 lbs)
  DESTIN, Fla. - Six friends went to a fishing tournament looking to catch some grouper. They caught an 844-pound shark instead. After it was gutted, the mako still weighed 638 pounds, breaking the tournament's previous shark division record by 338 pounds. Nothing was reported on reproductive tract in newspaper.
  Oliver Putz & Tris Colket p.c. Fem 3.36** 363
(800 lb)
  Caught off Daytona Beach FL, USA on Dec 5, 1992 by M. Taylor; carried 15 embryos 30 - 40 cm long
International Angler     377 (832 lb)   Caught by Tom Brooks outside Catalina Island in the Mako Madness tournement at Dana Point. Two Teams Disqualified in 'Mako Madness'.
        379   Cuaght on July 22, 2001 during Dana Point CA charity fishing event
  Applegate 1966 Fem 3.366 385.6   Caught by Jerry Cherzanzy on July 4, 1965 at Eagle Rock Cove off the west end of Santa Catlina island. One ~5 cm diameter egg was found in ovary but such a large egg does not fit lamnid reproduction.
  Uchida et al. 1987 Fem 3.37 331**   16 embryos
  Stevens 1983 Fem 3.39** 340   14 embryos ~60 cm TL
  Gubanov et al. 1973 Fem? 3.40 260   quoted in Gubanov et al. 1974
  Stevens 1983 Fem 3.43 350**   Largest of 45 females
Io_images/makophoto_smoother.jpg Jason Seitz p.c. Fem 3.45
(11' 4")
(740 lbs)
  Miami Herald March 19,1995. Caught on 9 March 1995, near the "Hump" (a seamount 11 miles off Islamorada where the bottom leaps from 550 ft (177 m) to 280 ft (85 m) in a sharp spine. Was caught on dropped butterflied 3-pound bonito to the bottom when the mako struck. Lot's of jumping upt to 10 ft (3 m) out of the water. Needed 2 hours to land the catch. A 25 lb (11 kg) blackfin tuna fell out when hung. Was weighted with digital scale.
Thanks to Jason Seitz for sending scanned newspaper article.
Mako9_05_99.jpg J. Ugoretz p.c. Fem 3.454 447 3.251 Caught by Tom Brooks, off Santa Barbara Island, California (33 37' N, 118 58' W) on Sep. 5, 1999. 426kg on digital scale after 24 hr.
  IGFA 1996 (W-37) Fem? 3.46** 399
(880 lb)
  Taken off Bimini, Bahamas on Aug 03, 1964 by F. Lotierzo
Io_large_23.jpg Jeff Seigel p.c. Fem 3.480 336
(740 lb)
  Caught off Redondo Beach CA, USA on July 13, 1996; 23 kg (50 lb) blue shark found in stomach. Dave Ebert suggested it could be I. paucus.
  J. Ugoretz p.c. Fem 3.480 503 (1109 lb)   Caught by Chris Badsey on 19 Sep 1999 and braught into Dana Point Harbor CA for new State record. Large girth of 1.83 m (72"). Shy by 6 lb of current IGFA record of 1115 lb. Colder-than-normal water might have brought large makos closer to shore in 1999 as they appeared to more abundant.
Daniel McCaw, John Morrissay, Terry Bullerwell, Steve Campana
Oct 2004
F 3.42 492;
381 (dressed)
3.30 (OTC)

Corrected and quite a bit different from first account! Thanks to Capt. Tom for checking.
From: "Terry Bullerwell" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 1:25 PM
Subject: RE: Shark question
Hi. It took about 45 minutes to get the shark to the stern. In hindsite it was too fast - as we were using 200 lb. test (braided line). It was pandemonium getting the ropes on it but it didn't tow the boat. We got two small head straps on it first, and tied them off. Seconds after we got a larger rope around her midsection, she broke both head ropes and the leader all at the same time. Then we got a rope around the tail. It was an open stern with the sissy bar removed when the shark came to the stern. The captain lifted about five feet of it out of the water with the boom, and didn't dare lift it any farther. We put another rope around the midsection and the four of us pulled the rest ot it aboard. (abbreviated). Terry.
Data from Steve Campana: FL (over the curve) was 330 cm, TL was 342, IDL was 92, whole wt was 492 kg and dressed weight was 381 kg. Vertebrae were collected and aged.

  Peter Saul p.c. Fem 3.49** 370   Caught off upper east coast of South Island NZ in early Feb, 1999; reportedly largest mako caught off the South Island
  IGFA 1996 (W-60) Fem? 3.50** 414
(912 lb)
  Taken off Palm Beach FL, USA on Apr 09, 1962 by A. Cohen
  Shark Tagging News of CDFG Shark Tagging Program   3.505 447 (986 lb)   Taken by Tom Brooks Jr. off Redondo Beach on 5 Sep 1999. Catch broke the old state record but only for 14 days (see #37 above, however, this mako at 11'6'' was reported to be 1" longer than 19 Sep capture by Chris Badsey. Internal organs were saved and donated to researchers at the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  Applegate 1977 Fem 3.507 468   Harpooned 8 km south of Anacapa Island on Aug 28, 1972; largest in California until 30 Sep 2006. (Third largest one in California as of July 2010).
  Norman and Fraser 1938 Fem? 3.51 362   Caught by Mr. White-Wickham in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in Jan. 1931
clinton_duffy.jpg Clinton Duffy p.c. Fem 3.525 417.3 3.230 Taken in Hawke Bay NZ on 5 Feb. 1999 by John Cave. 37 kg main line, steel trace, hooked and fought according to IGFA rules. Stomach contained intact 30 kg blue shark and pieces of yellow fin tuna used as bait.
  IGFA 1979 Fem? 3.55** 387
(854 lb)
  Taken off Port Stephens N.S.W., Australia on May 09, 1971 by J. H. Barclay
VL22.jpg Victor Lin p.c. Fem? ~3.6
almost 12'
377   Photos of prepped jaws.
VL03.jpg Victor Lin p.c. Fem?   407   Giant mako caught off Taiwan Nov-Dec 2002 (largest makos caught off Taiwan could be smaller than the largest ones caught elsewhere. Additional photos from Victor Lin.
  Pratt & Casey 1983 Fem 3.55* 434** 3.28 Largest of 395 females
  Wes Pratt p.c. Fem 3.55* 567 (1250 lb)   WNA mako (#225, post partum) caught on July 7, 1977
  Bigelow & Schroeder 1948 Fem? 3.61** (3.2 est.) 458 (1009 lb)   Taken off St. Petersburg FL, USA
  Wes Pratt p.c. Fem 3.65* 472   WNA mako (#224, not gravid), captured on July 7, 1977
  Pinchuk 1972 Fem? 3.66 427**   Quoted in Gubanov 1974
  IGFA 1979 Fem? 3.66** 428
(944 lb)
  taken off Sydney N.S.W., Australia on Nov 28, 1976 by J. Remetean
Peter Saul & Clinton Duffy p.c.
Fem 3.67** 433.6   Taken off Poor Knights Islands, east Northland NZ on Nov 22, 1983 by C. Lamplough with 37 kg line.
  IGFA 1996 (M-15) Fem 3.68** 435
(959 lb)
  Taken off Norah Beach Australia on Sep 12, 1993 by J. Lousdale
  IGFA 1998 (M-37) Fem? 3.68** 488
(1076 lb)
  Taken off Puerto Rico Spain on July 26, 1997 by S. Courtney
Mako7_27_99.jpg Capt. Tom's home page.
Int. Angler V. 61 NO. 5 F(1999)
em 3.684* 601
(1324 lb)
3.404 Taken on July 27, 1999 by angler Billy Silva on "Survival" (Capt. Kevin Scola) while fishing commercially for tuna in Mass. Bay at Stellwagen Bank. Not caught according to IGFA rules and would have shattered the all-tackle record by more than 200 lbs. Landed into Green Harbor, Marshfield MA and weighed the following day. Enormously fat at 96" girth (2.44 m).
Mako_previous_record.jpg IGFA 1996 (M-24) Fem 3.69** 490 kg
(1080 lb
  Taken by James Melanson off Montauk NY (USA) on Aug. 26, 1979. Photo provided by P. Guillanton. Previous IGFA record. Dave Ebert suggested that it is I. paucus.
  IGFA 1972 (acc. to Applegate 1977 Fem 3.71 481
(1061 lb)
  Caught on Feb. 17, 1970 off Mayor Island NZ by J. B. Penwarden
  Guitart Manday 1975 Fem 3.71** near 500   "Sometimes large females (W near 500 kg) are caught"
  Casey & Kohler 1992 Fem 3.73* 442** 3.45 Largest of 1113 females
Mako 1er record.jpg IGFA 1989 p.94 Fem 3.73** 454
(1000 lb)
  Caught on March 14, 1943 off Major Island NZ by B. Ross. Photo provided by P. Guillanton, who suggests it could be longfin mako, Isurus paucus. Both Dave Ebert and Clinton Duffy suggested that shortfin mako identification more likely despite apparent long pectoral fin.
06 Jun 2013
San Jose Mercury 6/6/13
ABC News


3.73; (TOT = 3.83) 600
(1223 lbs)
3.37; PCL 3.10 Caught 15 m off Huntington Beach (SoCal) by Jason Johston after 2 1/2 battle on chartered fishing vessel 'Breakaway'. IFGF record applied for. Fish was donated to NMFS. May have been pregnant. Looking forward to necropsy results. Paper came out in Summer 2015. For copy of paper in pdf form ask the senior author Kady Lyons by email at .
  Clinton Duffy p.c. Fem 3.76* 418 3.47 Taken 8 n. miles off Bare Island, Hawke's Bay NZ on 17 Jan. 1999 by Chris Garland. 37 kg main line, marlin lure on 150 pound nylon trace, struck and fought according to IGFA rules. The fishers involved were trolling for marlin and yellowfin tuna. When they saw the shark in the lures they accelerated in an attempt to lose it but it jumped out of the water, grabbing the marlin lure upon re-entry and was hooked in the upper lip.
clint1-17FEB90.jpg #51
IGFA 1996 (M-37)
Fem 3.76** 464
(1023 lb)
  Taken off Hawke Bay, Napier N.Z. on Feb 2, 1990 by M. Shanaghan
Clinton Duffy p.c. Fem

3.945 TOT

458.5 3.460
3.140 PCL
Taken off Gisbourne, east coast, North Island, New Zealand on 10 Feb. 2001 by Neville Clark. Vessel Marcella. Taken according to IGFA rules at 1.30 PM and boated at 9 PM. She was post-partum. no fresh mating scars, largest ova 2.2 mm diameter, maximum uterus width 15 cm. Her stomach was empty except for a few shark vertebrae and some unidentfiable teleost bones. Her liver was thin and flabby. Had she been in prime condtion, she probably would have weighed well over 500 kg.
  Gubanov 1974 Fem 3.80 500 3.42 Caught on July 31, 1972 at 130-140 m depth in eastern part of Indian Ocean
Mako27_7_2000.jpg Coastal Fisherman Vol. 25 #12 Fem 3.81
(12 1/2 ft)
(975 lb)

Taken by Tom Barney on July 27, 2000 on charter boat "Reel-Istic" with Capt. Billy Verbanas, Mates Chris Greigg, Paul Nelson, Scott Bruck.
New Delaware State Recod.

Feb 2008 Douglas J. Long Fem 3.82     From Doublas Long:
382 cm T.L., Female, Feb 2008, 22 km off Augusta, Western Australia, caught
at 30 fms.
Thanks to Victor Lin)

(from photo)
(12' 6")
(1063 lbs)
  Destin, Florida (Apr 20, 2007 15:47 EST)
A 1,063-pound mako shark hooked close to shore in the Gulf of Mexico isbeing investigated as a possible world fishing record. The registered weight of 1,063 pounds makes the catch eligible for the world record in the 30-pound line class for a short-fin mako. The class record is a 997-pound, 11-ounce shark caught in Sidney, Australia, in 1995. The largest mako recorded in the all-tackle division was a 1,221 pounder caught in Massachusetts in 2001.

28 July 2010
URL ?   498 (1098 lbs)  

OXNARD, Calif. -- A Newbury Park man has reeled in what could be the largest fish ever caught off the coast of California. Sean Carlsen Gizatullin was taking part in a fishing tournament off the coast of Oxnard when he caught a Shortfin Mako Shark weighing in at 1,098 pounds."It went under the boat a few times, came out twice with its jaws open towards the boat," Gizatullin said."It didn't lunge out or anything crazy like Jaws but it was still intense."Gizatullin says it took him so long to reel in the giant fish that he was 45 minutes late for the weigh-in and did not win the tournament. Pending verification, the shark is the largest fish of any kind ever caught off the coast of California.

2nd largest one as per July 2010. Largest one weighed 533 kg (1175 lbs) (see below)

Mollet et al. (2002) Fem 3.85** ca. 500   25 - 30 embryos, mis-identified by Sanzo (1912) as Carcharodon carcharias, (Download PDF )
PG_Mako.jpg IGFA 1996 (M-60) Fem 3.86** 505.8
(1115 lb)
  Taken off Black River, Mauritius on Nov 16, 1988 by P. Guillanton. Thanks, Patrick for email with photos and documentation. Previous IGFA all tackle world record (see below).
1221 mako.jpg Capt. Tom;
IGFA 2002 (M-60)
553.8 (1221 lb) 3.35 Taken off Chatham MA USA on July 21, 2001 by Luke Sweeney. Present IGFA all tackle world record. Thanks to Capt. Tom for photos. 2nd photo by Capt. Jack Tassinari. The Mako shark was approximately 12 feet in length and significantly larger in girth than a fifty gallon drum.
FL = 3.35 m from Lisa Natanson.
StoraiFig4.jpg Storai et al. 2001 Fem 3.90 513   Caught off Cirò Marina (Southern Italy, Calabrian coast of Ionian Sea) on 20 Sep 2000. Stomach contained the caudal fluke of a dolphin (~60 kg).
ciro' marina 3.jpg Ian Fergusson p.c. Storai et al. 2001 Fem 3.90     Caught 200 m offshore of Bagnara Calabra (east side of Straits of Messina) on 30 Nov 1991. Newspapers reported almost 5 m total length but was "only" 3.9 m long.
  Capt. Tom's home page Fem >3.92** > 590
(1300 lb)
  Harpooned on July. 8, 1997 ~8 m. E. off Humarock Beach, Scituate (Mass. Bay)
30 Sep 2006
Thanks to Victor Lin for sending URL.   ~3.96
(13 ft)
533 kg
(1175 lbs)

30 Sep 2006 off Catalina Island, CA USA. Largest shortfin mako caught off California.
When Chris Podesto hooked into a huge shortfin mako shark off Catalina Island he watched in awe as the powerful gamefish ran and jumped wildly like nothing he's ever seen in his life. The 13-foot mako was leaping 30 feet in the air and making 300-yard surges, towing a 27-foot fishing boat around like a toy.

2 Mar 1990
Rizzuto 1996,
G. Hodson p.c.
Fem 3.96**; 3.66 est. 547   Caught off Kona, Hawaii on March 2, 1990 by Jody Daniels; carried 18 embryos ca. 40.6 cm (16") long with large yolk-stomachs. Jody sent me a jpg of the jaw in Dec. 2000.
  Bigelow & Schroeder 1948 Fem est. 4.0 637**   "said to reach 4 m (13')".
8 Aug 1997
J . de Marignac & G. Stone p.c. Fem ~3.96
(13 ft)
~794 kg 3.66* Harpooned on Aug. 8, 1997 by Dave Beal 10 m. E. off mount Desert Rock, Maine. Weighed 1400 lb (635 kg) gutted.
  A. De Maddalena p.c. Fem? 4 1000 kg   Lawley, R. 1881. Studi comparativi sui pesci fossili coi viventi dei Generi Carcharodon, Oxyrhina e Galeocerdo. Nistri, Pisa. According to A. De Maddalena , the author observed this mako at a fishmonger in Livorno (Tuscany, Italy) and stated that the specimen measured 4 meters in length and weighed 1000 kg and that it was caught in the Channel of Piombino (not very far from Livorno). No capture date was reported.
25 March 2009
Douglas J. Long Male
4.02 >454 kg (>1000 lbs) dressed weight   From Douglas Long:
I've been collecting known-length shortfin mako jaws for a study on dental ontogeny & diet, and I just received the biggest specimen yet, a 402 cm (13' 2.3') TL male from off SW Australia (5 km off Augusta, Western Australia, caught at 17 fm)s. Accurately measured & recorded dockside by someone I trust (Joseph "Shark Doctor" Legende out of Perth), even had a chunk of pilot whale in it's belly. Said to be the largest yet taken off Western Australia, but 'official' records aren't kept for commercial catches the way they are for game fishing, except in the occasional academic literature.
Sex was confirmed by captain and first mate who dressed it out: "It was a he-fish. Real long and skinny, a big and battered Ole Geezer. Looked old as the hills. Real thin tooth for It's size." The captain's son (in his mid-twenties) confirmed that it was a male. They remember because of the whale meat in its gut, so unusual that it helped them to remember this grand ole fish.
  Gordon Hubbell p.c. Fem? >4.27     Over the years Gordon Hubbell has imported at least 25 jaws from makos of more than 12' in length. In fact the largest jaw, which has an obvious shortfin mako dentition, is probably from a shark of at least 14' TL. I have this jaw in my collection. So I have no doubt that shortfin makos reach this size and longfin makos probably slightly larger.
Kabasakal & De Maddalena (2011) Fem ~5.8-6.2   PCL 4.86 PDF of paper can be downloaded in Reference columns.
Abstract: A huge female shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, was caught in the late 1950s off Marmaris (SE Aegean Sea, Turkey), by a commerical fisherman. Photographic documentation has been used by the authors to estimated the total length of this specimen at 585 cm (range from 577 to 619 cm). This size greatly exceeds the maximum size recorded for the species (a 445 cm long female caught in September 1973 off Six-Foures, les-Plages, France). It is believed that the Marmaris specimen is the largest shortfin mako ever recorded.
Photo Reference Sex TL (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments

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