Summary of Large Salmon Sharks

Photo Reference Sex TL (m) W (kg) PCL (m) Comments
  Intern. Angler 64(6) Dec. 2002     104.3 (230 lbs)   Caught by Ken Higginbotham near Port Gravina, Alaska USA on June13, 2002 for all tackle world record
SlideShow J. Connor and George Matsumoto pers. comm. M ~1.8-2.1     Video frames were taken on MBARI ROV (remotely operated vehicle) on 28 Oct. 1989, 18h52'51" GMT in Monterey Bay (Lat 36.72024, Lon -122.03696) at 255.12 m depth; temperature 8.55oC, salinity 3.3998%.
  Paust and Smith 1989   1.8


  A 6 ft (1.80 m) specimen weihging 385 lb (175 kg) was caught during the Southeast Alaska Salmon Shark Project (SEASSP) described in this report.
Ld_images/Picture 067.jpg Chad Nasinec Orting, Wa (pers. comm.) M 2.13-2.44
(7-8 ft)
? ? Fishing for Halibut in Yakutat, Al. August of 2005. I hooked at 8am,
and brought fish up to the boat at 11am backward. Skipper (experienced)
thought it was a big halibut. Much to our surprise. Took 5 guys, at
least 8-10 shifts to bring it in! Picture of my brother (Brett) on one
of his 8 to 10 5-minute shifts, horsing the big boy in!
  Compagno 2001   3.05     Maximum length according to Compagno 2001 (FAO Species Catalogue) with anecdotal accounts of 3.7-4.3 m TL which cannot be confirmed.
Photo Reference Sex TL (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments

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