From Jersey Evening Post

367 lbs Shark caught on the 25th of June 1960,

"Some baby! , 35 inches long, and weighing nearly 20 lbs. It is one of three unborn juveniles taken from the big shark. There were two females and one male in an advanced state of development and ready for birth.

Mr Phillipps's shark was caught at the moment when about to liberate her young, and as the specimen above is the smallest of the "litter", the gross weight of capture was enhanced by about 70 lbs." R.F.Le Sueur ( by the way he was a fellow of the Zoological society, perhaps they have a record?) Article also mentions a Mako of 384 lb (British record) caught in the same week, off Falmouth by Mr. D.A.Buckland of Middlesex 1960 Marine Zoology report in the Bulletin of La Societe Jersiaise "......By coutersy of Homard & Co., I was able to examine this baby sharks. They comprised of 2 females and 1 male, averaging about 25lbs each, and some 35 inches in length. I have obtained the complete head and tail of one of the females for the museum reference collection" (I will look into this N.J. it possibly is still around). 1958 Bulletin mentions a female, 6ft 3 inches, caught on a conger trot, it contained half a conger eel, a fully grown octupus (now near on extinct in local waters), and remains of a cuttle. I hope this is of help and does not confuse things, I hope to chat with Brian this weekend. Richard I have found loads of interested stuff recorded by Le Sueur, it is a shame he died in 63 at the age of 48, and the Zoology group appeared to fold, he had recorded info on Octupus, Tunny etc. in the Bulletin. regards Nick