Summary of Large Porbeagle Sharks Lamna nasus (Bonnaterre, 1788)

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McCormick and Allen with Young (1963)         Hanging in an archway in the Austrian town of Bregenz is this "Mermaid of Bregenz", whose appearance after being hauled from nearby Lake Constance saved Bregenz from a plethora of perils, according to a thirteen-century legend. The "mermaid" is actually a shark, but how it turned up in a a lakeside town is a 700-year-old mystery. The original mummified shark has been replaced by a stone replica, so that the town's guardian will remain in perpetuity. (The shark was idendified by Dr. Denys W. Tucker, formerly of the British Muesum (Natural History), in correpondence with one of the authors, as a mummified Porbeagle shark.
Rogerson09.JPG Rogerson 1970     71 & 72   Caught by two teenagers, Richard Spraggs (left) and Terry Sears off the Isle of Wight in 1969. The shark in the middle is a 101 kg thresher shark.
porbeagle08.jpg Juan C. Villarroel and Rodrigo Grau
July 2001
Fem 2.03     Caught on 9 July, 2001 off Chile 31 deg 07' S, 79 deg 58' W). Pregnant with 4 near-term embryos between 72-73 cm TL. (Tl of female and embryos almost the same as 2nd capture on the same day, see below).
porbeagle08.jpg Juan C. Villarroel and Rodrigo Grau
July 2001
Fem 2.05     Caught on 9 July, 2001 off Chile 31 deg 07' S, 79 deg 58' W). Pregnant with 4 near-term embryos between 71-73 cm TL.
Lamna nasus 205 cm.jpg De Madalena A. & Piscitelli L. 2001 Fem 2.05 TOT     A 205 cm TOT female taken in England waters, exported to Italy and examined at the Milano Fish Market on 9 May 2000. DE MADDALENA A. & PISCITELLI L. 2001. Analisi preliminare dei selaci registrati presso il mercato ittico di Milano (aprile-settembre 2000). Bollettino del Museo civico di Storia naturale di Venezia, 52: 129-145.
Rogerson06.JPG Rogerson 1970     101   Caught by Paula Everington off the Isle of Wight in 1969 on a 30-lb. breaking-strain line. Boat "Mark Twain" of Littlehamptonwith Skipper D. Everington.
po35-358.jpg Richard Lord
Jan 2000
Fem 2.12 est. 123 from 100 kg gutted   Caught by Steve Fallaize in gill net set for sea bass on North-West coast of Guernsey GB on 7 Jan 2000.
Rogerson11.JPG Rogerson 1970     147   Caught by Trevor Prince in 1968 off the Isle of Wight on "Gannett" (Skipper Dick Downes) and just missed gaining a World Record.
FemaleWithLargePup.jpg Nick Jouault
June 1960
Fem.   166   Caught by Brian Phillipps 3 m south of Corbiere on SW tip of Jersey GB on 25 Jun 1960. Credit for the photos go to the Marine Biology Section of La Société Jersiaise.
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     167.4   Caught by Patricia Winifred Smith off Looe, Cornwall, England on July 20, 1970 for W-60 kg record
po19-358.jpg Richard Lord
Jan 2000
Fem 2.29 ~168   Caught by Richard Seager & Peter Merrien near Hanois Lighthouse, Guernsey GB on 03 Jan 2000. Female was pregnant with 3 embryos with large yolk-stomachs.


Nov 2002
Andrew Sprott Fem 2.46 185   Pregnant porbeagle shark landed Nov. 15, 2002 at Eyemouth Market, Scotland. Total length 2.46 m, girth 58" (1,47 m), dorsal fin height 13" (0.33 m), weight 407 lbs (185 kg). The fishmerchant saw 5 samll pups, 3 were kept and measured (212, 205, and 195 mm TL). These 3 pups had small yolk-stomachs. Both pectoral fins of mother had recent bite marks. Photographs taken of mother and 3 pups. Jaws and vertebrae kept. Inside shark's mouth was half a haddock.
Nov 2008

Andrew Sprott

Fem 2.49 170   Pregnant porbeagle shark. The shark was 8' 2" and weighed 357lbs It had 3 small embryos, each one was 10cm long. It was caught off the North East of England in Nov 2008.
Ln_images/sillhaj.png 1999   2.55 235.5   Gutted weight 175.5 kg (74.5 %). Liver weight 45 kg (19.1 %.) Stomack content 15 kg (6.4%). The fish was sold for over 12600 swedish kronor (~ 1800 US$) before value added tax. Caught by Swedish Fisherman in 1999. Information and photo from Jan-Erik Månsson and Kent Andersson.
BODY.jpg Tyson MacCormack
Fall 2000
Fem 2.59 145   Caught by Jim Reardon and Willson King of St Brendon's Island in Bonavista Bay Newfoundland in fall 2000. Accidentally caught in ? Was postpartumwith GSI ~0.4%. Reproductive tract (was saved in ethanol).
Ln_images/Porbeagle2Sep2009.jpg Philip Sargent
2 Sep 2009
Fem 2.6     Fem 2.6 m TL (didn't get a weight). Caught by Cecil Hollet in a mackerel net off of Dildo Point, NL, Canada on 2 Sept. 2009. Additional info: circumference around largest part of stomach - 1.5 m; Measurement tip of pectoral fin to tip of pect. fin - 1.0 m; mouth to vent - 1.5 m; stomach was empty .
Bougourd's porbeagle.jpg Richard Lord
July 1969
Fem   195  

Caugth by Desmond Bougourd off Guernsey in 1969 from the trawler "Storm Drift" (Skipper Graham Cowley). Guernsey Press, July 29 1969.
Well healed teeth? marks on dorsal fin. Litter of 4.

Richard Lord
Oct 2003
Fem 2.69 145 gutted 2.34 Landed by Peter Merrien at Grand Havre, north of Guernsey on 21 Oct 2003. See photo for bite marks on right pectoral. Bite diameter 13.7 cm at trailing edge and depth of 10.2 cm. Additional morphometrics taken were: DIH = 31.1 cm; PD1 = 85.1 cm; P1A = 44.5 cm; D1B + IDS = 97.8 cm.
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     188.0   Caught by Robert Richardson in Pentland Firth, Caithness, Scotland on Mar 9, 1992 for M-15 kg IGFA record.
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     188.7   Caught by Ian Bunney off Padstow, Cornwall, England on May 26, 1986
for M-15 kg IGGA recored
  Jensen et al. 2002 Fem ~3.24   2.88 Largest of 382 females fromwestern North Atlantic
  IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishes     230   Caught by Christopher Bennett in Pentland Firth, Caithnes Scotland on Mar 9, 1993
for IGFA M-37 and all-tackle record.
  Francis et al. (in press) Fem 3.55 230 3.17 Western North Atlatic female (S.E. Campagna unpublished data)
  Pratt and Casey 1990 Fem ~3.65  


Western North Atlatic female. Requires confirmation according to Francis et al. (in press)
Photo Reference
and Date
Sex TL (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments

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