Summary of Large Manta Ray Manta birostris (Donndorff, 1798)

Date/Photo Reference Sex DW (m) W (kg) PCL (m) Comments
30 Jun 2005
Otto Gadig p.c.   4.26    
Caught off São Paulo, Brazil in June 2005 measuring 426 cm disc width.
09 Nov 2005

Victor Lin p.c.   4.76 ~700    
19 Jul 2001
Otto Gadig p.c.   4.98     Caught off São Paulo, Brazil in July 2001 measuring 426 cm disc width.

800kgMantaRay.jpg Victor Lin p.c.     800   800 kg manta ray caught off China.
17 Sep 2003
Victor Lin p.c.        

Newhouse, Tauyuang Province, Taiwan.

05 Nov 2003
Victor Lin p.c.  

TL >5


Eaststone, Chuayi Province, Taiwan.




: "The giant manta ray, M. birostris, reaches disc widths (DW) of at least 7 m (Newman, 1849; Bigelow & Schroeder, 1953) with anecdotal reports up to 9.1 m DW (Alava et al., 1997; Compagno, 1999), and can weigh up to 2,721 kg (Coles, 1916). The largest reported specimen in our dataset has a disc width of 6.2 m."

Photo/Date Reference Sex DW (m) W (kg) FL (m) Comments

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