Devil Rays in Captivity
(Mobula hypostoma (Bancroft 1831?);Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788)
; Mobula japonica (Mueller and Henle, 1841);

Data, text, and photos for this page were collected by Filipe Pereira, M. hypostoma data from Aaron Morgan-Jupp added in Dec 2016.

Photograph Aquarium and Details DW (m)
M (kg)
Sex Time in captivity

Lisbon Oceanarium, Lisbon (Portugal)
In 2004 a 1.35 m DW female devil ray (Mobula mobular) was caught in a set-net for tunas in the southern region of the country (Algarve) with wounds in both cephalic lobes and tail. It recovered totally and was the first time this species was exhibited in any aquarium, measuring now more than 2 meters DW. After the release of the large manta ray, it is is now the major attraction of the Open Ocean tank.

2 F 3 yr
Mobula2.jpg Oceanogràfic, Valencia (Spain)
In September 2006, a devil ray (Mobula mobular) was transported from Algarve (Portugal) in to the "Oceanos" Exhibit, a 7 million-litter open ocean habitat. The specimen is currently on display and measures 1.5 meters TL, sharing the tank with sharks, sunfish, rays, jacks and bonitos.
1.5 m TL   6 mo
Mobula_japanica1_2008.jpg Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, Japan
Also new is the first Mobula japanica ever recorded in any aquarium worldwide, which belongs to the family of the devil rays (Mobulids), The specimen measures 1.8 meters wingspan and was caught not far from the aquarium off the japanese coast, just like the whale sharks and most of the residents in that very same exhibit. (July 2008).
1.8 m   3 mo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
In July of 2016, 14 Mobula hypostoma from Dynasty Marine in Miami, FL were intorduced into the the new Shark Week Exhibit (350,000 litre, demi-tunnel tank). They were shipped from Miami to London, London to Dubai. Their transit time was considerable, but thanks to the flawless shipping design of Forrest and Frank Young at Dynasty Marine, the animals arrived calm and in perfect water parameters. Laater several scalloped hammerheads, sandbar sharks, and a shoal of 2000+ sardines were added to the exhibit. Video of intial feeding events.

6 other animals occupy a facility in China and are still going great
  Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters
10 animals occupy the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters (Dynasty Marine own facility)

Atlantis Dubai
Atlantis in Dubai, host another devil ray species from time to time from their local fisherman supplier but have not held one for longer than one month.

Photograph Aquarium and Details DW (m)
M (kg)
Sex Time in captivity

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