Pelagic Stingray Embryos and "Papa" at CAS by Pat Morales

A female pelagic stingray was examined with sonogram by Alan Kay and Freeland Dunker for possible embryos on 17 June 1997. When "Morticia" was returned from a high platform to the 2 m deep and ~8 m diameter tank,, she slipped out of hands and took a hard hit because there was only about 45 cm of water left in the tank. Five embryos with disc width range 82-85 mm and mass range 33-35 g were aborted. The sole male (DW = 50.7 cm on 1 January 1998) was observed in mating attempts in May/June and found to have have spine wounds in July/August 1997.


PvEmbryo04.jpg PvEmbryo01.jpg


PvEmbryo05.jpg PvEmbryo02.jpg
"Papa" on his back
and badly spined!
PvRandySpWound07.jpg PvRandySpWound03.jpg

Thank you Kris for scanning the slides.

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