Aquarium Directories

Aquariums in Japan and the World Aquariums Ultra Quick ( Aquariums in Germany Directory of Aquariums of the United Kingdom
European Union of Aquarium Curators
Public Aquariums in Japan Sea Life Centres in the UK and Europe Sea World Zoos and Aquariums of AZA


Aalesund Akvarium, Norway Acquario di Genova, Italy Acuario de Veracruz Mexico Adventure Aquarium
was New Jersey State Aquarium Camden NJ, USA,
Now private company.
Albuquerque Aquarium
New Mexico, USA
  The Aquarium of the Americas, New Orleans, USA Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco CA, USA
Aquarium du Québec, Canada Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA, USA
Aquarium of Western Australia, Australia Aquaria Water Museum, Stockholm, Sweden Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Tuscon AZ, USA
Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Beijing Aquarium, People's Republic of China Birch Aquarium at Scripps, La Jolla CA, USA Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Los Angeles CA USA Centre de la Mer et des Eaux, Paris France
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium USA Coral World Mar. Park & Underw. Obs.
US Virgin Islands
Coral Island Nassau, The Bahamas Coral World St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, USA Dallas World Aquarium Texas, USA
Deep Sea World - National Aquarium of Scotland East London Aquarium
South Africa
Enoshima Aquarium Kanagawa Japan Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL USA Florida's Gulfarium, Ft. Walton Beach, FL USA
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta USA
Great Barrier Reef Aquarium Townsville Australia Gulf of Maine Aquarium, Portland, ME USA Institut Océanographique de Paris, Paris France Key West Aquarium
Florida, USA
Lakeside Aquarium
Windermere UK
London Aquarium, GB Long Beach Aquarium (=Aquarium of the Pacific), Long Beach CA USA Long Marine Lab
Santa Cruz CA, USA
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas NV, USA
The Maritime Aquarium, New England, Norwalk, CT USA
Maui Ocean Center, Maui, HI, USA Miami Seaquarium FL, USA Monterey Bay Aquarium CA, USA;
Live Cam (Feeding at 11 AM Pacific Time)
Montreal Biodome, Canada Moody Gardens Galveston Island Galveston TX
Musée Océanographique de Monaco, Monaco Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, Connecticut, USA National Aquarium in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD USA National Marine Aquarium Plymouth, GB Nausicaa, Boulogne, France
New England Aquarium
Boston MA, USA
New Jersey State Aquarium Camden NJ, USA; now private company, new name
Adventure Aquarium
Newport Aquarium
Kentucky, USA)
New York Zoos & Aquarium New York NY, USA
North Carolina Aquarium,
Roanoke Island NC, USA
  Ocean Discovery Center UCLA
Santa Monica CA, USA
Ocean Journey Denver Colorado, USA Oceanworld Manly, (near Sidney) Australia
Oita Ecological Aquarium Japan Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Japan Oregon Coast Aquarium
Newport , USA
Osaka Aquarium "Kaiyukan" Japan Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Tacoma WA, USA

The Red Sea Underwater Observatory, Eilat

Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA Särkänniemi Aquarium, Tampere, Finland
Sea World at Ushaka Marine World
Durban, South Africa
Sea World California
San Diego CA USA
Sea Life Park
Walmanado Oahu HI, USA
Seattle Aquarium WA, USA Shedd Aquarium
Chicago, USA
South Carolina Aquarium Charleston SC, USA St. Lawrence Aquarium & Ecological Center, New York NY, USA St. Louis Children's Aquarium Steinhart Aquarium
San Francisco CA, USA
Sydney Aquarium, Sydney, Australia
Tennessee Aquarium
Chattanooga TN, USA
Tokyo Sea Life Park, Japan Two Oceans Aquarium
Cape Town, South Africa
UnderWater World
Bloomington Minnesota, USA
UnderWater World, Mooloolaba QL, Australia
Vancouver Aquarium Canada Virginia Marine Science Museum USA Vivarium Wien Austria Waikiki Aquarium Honolulu HI, USA  World Aquarium, St. Louis, USA

Conservation and Education

Asociación Ñande Yby - Nuestra Tierra
Shark Conservation Program
Australian Museum Online (Sharks info. leaflet) Basking Shark Project David C. Bernvi Coral Reef Institute
Phuket Island, Thailand
Convention on Migratory Species Conservation Science Institute Green Marine FISHSTAT Plus Marine Species Conservation-Sharks (Australia)
Marine Stewardship Council Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary National Marine Sanctuary Encyclopedia Nearctica: Sharks, Rays, Skates Our fear of sharks
(IUCN) Redlist with Search Facility ReefQuest Expeditions: Shark Research Program
Rick and Anne Martin
Sea Grant Alaska
Arctic Science Journeys
SeaScapes Shark Alliance
Dedicated to improve European fishing policy
Shark Foundation Shark Trust UK Squali (in Italian)
(Alessandro De Maddalena)
Tagging of Pacific Predators
A Última Arca de Noé" (The Last Noah's Ark)
U.K. Anglers' Sharks, Skates and Rays US Abalone
Western Pacific Fisheries Coalition Whaleshark Photo-identification Library Wildlife Conservation Society
Marine Conservation

Elasmobranch Literature and Information

A Classification of the Recent Elasmobranchii (1997 pdf; 1999 text file) Anatomy of salmon shark embryos (Lohberger, 1910) Anatomy of Sharks and Rays Aquatic Information Center
Catalog of Fishes by William Eschmeyer Compagno's FAO Species Catalogue Chimarae Bibliography
Conservation- Oriented References On Sharks
Dutch namelist for the elasmobranchii Dentition Terminology Dermal Denticle Bibliography Egg-capsules of Rays and Skates (Peter Bor)
Elasmobranch Reference List Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Smithsonian (Selected references on sharks) Etmopterus Bibliography
(John Bruner)
Fiona's Shark Mania FishBase Flying Sharks Literature
(select literature link)
NOAATechnical Reports "Roe vs. Row"
(Matthew McDavitt)
Shark Swimming References by Dennyse Newbound Stinger description and injuries Translation Service of webpage or 150 words of text at a time (posted by Craig Dunk)
Von Bertalanffy Growth Function
Von Bertalanffy References Whale Shark Bibliography White shark bibliography (Med. Sea and eastern North Atlantic)

Elasmobranch Research

Apex Predators Program NOAA/NMFS/NEFSC, Narragansett Lab, RI

Canadian Otolith Research Laboratory Projeto Cação (Otto Gadig) Canadian Shark Research Laboratory
(Steven E. Campana)
Classification of the Recent Elasmobranchii
(Brian Mould)
Center for Shark Research
R. Hueter, E. Cortés, C. Manire, and J. Tyminski at Mote Marine Lab
CSULB Shark Lab
(Chris Lowe)
Elasmobranch Endocrinology
(Jim Gelsleichter)
Egg-capsules of Rays and Skates (Peter Bor) Elasmo World
(Cedric Tisserand)
Flying Sharks, Collections consulting and conservaton education Shark traacking at Nova Southeastern University
Fossil Sharks and Rays of Lee Creek (Jim Bourdon) Fossil Shark Research (FSR) Lab at the Museum fuer Naturkunde in Belin Hamlett, Bill; Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology Lab home page (Tim Tricas at University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Martin Lab University of Colorado Boulder MLML, Pacific Shark Research Center NewLab (John New at Loyola University Chicago) Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Research at the Natal Sharks Board Shark Population Assessment Group E. Cortés & J. Carlson Shark Research Committee
Ralph S. Collier
Sonny Gruber's Shark Page
Shark Research Center at SAM
(L.J.V. Compagno)
Stingray Home Page The Shark Research Program (Including Int. Shark Attack File maintained by George Burgess) Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Geology Collection (Noel Kemp)
The Life and Times of Long
Dead Sharks
(Jim Bourdon)
UCI Biomechanics (Adam Summers) VIMS Fisheries White Shark Discovery
(Michael C. Scholl)

Elasmobranch Societies

American Elasmobranch Society (AES) Recent AES abstracts (1998-2005) 2003 Manaus AES Abstracts, 2012 VAncouver AES Abstracts, 2015 Reno AES Abstracts
American Elasmobranch Society Student Activities Committee Assoc. Portuguesa para o Estudo e Conserv. de Elasmob. APECE American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH)
Soc, Brasileira para o Estudo de Elasmob.
(SBEEL), Dr. Fabio Hazin, Treasurer,
Deutsche Elasmobranchier-Gesellschaft e.V. (D.E.G.) European Elasmobranch Association (EEA)
 Luxembourg Elasmobranch Organizaton Mediterranean Shark Research Group Oceania Chondrichthyan Society
Shark Foundation Shark Trust UK Swedish Elasmobranch Society

Marine Mammals, Marine Turtles, and Marine Birds

ACS Fact Sheets for Whales ACS Monterey Bay Chapter American Cetacean Society (ACS)
Die Welt der Wale und Dolphine
Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris MolletAhnenTafel
Marine Life in the Caribbean
suggested by Luke and Ryan in an after school program
  Marine Mammals of the Channel Islands
Marine Turtles in the Great Barrier Reef Work Heritage Area Marine Turtles -FWC Marine Turtle Program Monterey Bay Whale Watch
OrcaResearch (Ingrid N. Visser); Satellite tracking.
Trans-Pacific Migration of the Sooty Shearwater
WWF-UK: Marine Turtles

Marine Natural History Photography

Marine Life GalleryM
Danny Frank
Ocean Images
Tom Haight
Photos of Sharks
Klaus Jost
Oceans Research, South Africa Southern California
Mike Johnson
Whale Watching in Victoria
Eagle Wing Tours (Dan Honkanen)

Marine Research Institutions

AIMS (Australian Institute of Marine Science) Cal Oceans Ocean and Coastal Environmental Access Network Central Institute for Applied Marine Research (Italy) CSIRO Australia
HMS (Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University) Marine Biological Laboratory Marine Biomedicine and
Environmental Sciences Center
MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)
MLML (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories) MML Mote Marine Laboratory MNMH Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle NOAA Fisheries
SIO (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)  WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) British Marine Life
Study Society


Cal Oceans Ocean and Coastal Environmental Access Network Die Zukunft der Meere - zu warm, zu hoch, zu sauer US Ocean Surface Current Maps  

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